Day 1 AM: Using Learning Targets to Differentiate Instruction

In these preview activities, you will develop some foundational knowledge about Learning Targets and Differentiated Instruction. This will allow you to become familiar with new terms and academic vocabulary so you can participate more fully in the live presentations. You will easily be able to review all of the activities in a short amount of time building your knowledge of the topics as you go. Thank you for your thoughtful preparation for this workshop.

Early Start Activity #1 - Learning Targets PPT/PDF. (10 minutes)

Read/Review the PDF document about Learning Targets. The information in this short PowerPoint will help you develop background knowledge and respond to the following questions:
•    What is a learning target?    
•    How do learning targets connect to student learning?    
•    How can we use learning targets to measure student learning?


Early Start Activity #2 – Differentiated Instruction PPT/PDF (10 minutes)

Read/Review the PDF document about Differentiated Instruction. What do you already know about Differentiated Instruction? Are you currently able to differentiate instruction in your classroom? In this PowerPoint you will be exploring two questions:
•    Why is Differentiated instruction needed?
•    How do I go about differentiating my instruction?


Early Start Activity #3 - Video and Reflection: Learning Targets  (10 minutes)

Go the this link: 
Watch the short video on Learning Targets. You will then respond to the three reflection questions about what you now know about learning targets. Your responses will be helpful to your instructors as they lead the workshops and differentiate based upon the needs of the other participants.

Extended Learning

Supplemental eResources and Readings

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Moss, C. M, (2012). Learning Targets: Helping Students Aim for Understanding In Today’s Lesson, ASCD Webinar, July 17, 2012. Internet based resources available at

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