Day 1 PM: Using Learning Targets to Foster Higher Order Thinking

In these preview activities, you will develop some foundational knowledge about using Learning Targets to Foster Higher Order Thinking. This will allow you to become familiar with new terms and academic vocabulary so you can participate more fully in the live presentations. You will easily be able to review all of the activities in a short amount of time building your knowledge of the topics as you go. Thank you for your thoughtful preparation for this workshop.

Early Start Activity #1 - Differentiated Instruction

Please review the following PDF file on Differentiated Instruction.


Early Start Activity #2 – Video (10 minutes)

Watch this video of Carol Ann Tomlinson responding to the question, “What is Differentiated Instruction?”


Early Start Activity #3 - Reflection (10 minutes)

Reflect on your own opinions and reactions to Ms. Tomlinson’s comments on the role of the teacher in differentiating instruction.

Extended Learning

Supplemental Resources

Assessing Students for Learning - Where are you on this Continuum?