Day 2 AM: Using Learning Targets to Guide Assessment and Differentiate Instruction

In these preview activities, you will develop some foundational knowledge about using Using Learning Targets to Guide Assessment and Differentiate Instruction. This will allow you to become familiar with new terms and academic vocabulary so you can participate more fully in the live presentations. You will easily be able to review all of the activities in a short amount of time building your knowledge of the topics as you go. Thank you for your thoughtful preparation for this workshop.

Early Start Activity #1 - Reading

In preparation for the next two workshops, please read and become familiar with The California Department of Education ELA/ELD Framework – Chapter 8 – Assessment. Click on the image below .    


– Can you explain the differences between short and medium cycle assessments?

Early Start Activity #2 – What is Formative Assessment? (2 minutes)

Watch Professor Dylan Wiliam discuss Formative Assessment at

Extended Learning

Extended Learning Activity #1

Read more about Formative Assessment in the attached document by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics called “What is Formative Assessment.”


-How does formative assessment inform our teaching practices?

Extended Learning Activity #2

Learn more about self assessment, critique and feedback by watching the video - Austin's Butterfly at

Extended Learning Activity #3

Reflect on the types of feedback you observed in the video and respond to the question below the video in the text box in the form above.