Feedback for Margaret Heritage

What was most beneficial to you from the training?

"Overall the training was beneficial to me as an administrator to help direct my faculty by implementing procedures and strategies school wide to improve student learning."

"The way information was presented and how we did exercises in class. Very practical, easy to understand."

"All the concepts, videos and learning from my peers experience."

"Enjoyed the layout of presentation - good mix of listening, sharing, working with group."

"The explanation of new information plus time to share and digest in small groups."

"Activities in groups, involving us in discussion."

Describe a strategy, principle, or activity you plan to omplement as a result of this training.

"I plan to use formative assessment strategies more often in my minute-by-minute and daily routines.  I also plan to stop grading as much as I have been and give more feedback and comments to help move the learning along more."

"I plan to implement a greater number of intentional FA opportunities in my instruction cycle."

"Giving more effective feedback to my students"

"Think aloud, Use students as resources"

"Peer feedback, self-assessment, more classroom activities that engage students more deeply"

"I am going to discuss with my faculty ideas regarding new grading scale or system."

"Implementing intentional formative assessment plans daily; providing time for feedback."

"Giving feedback as a collaborator with students."

Message to presenter/ additional comments

"Thank you so much. This was such a great training to attend and expand my knowledge on formative assessments!"

"Your knowledge is amazing and you are a true champion of the craft!"

"Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this subject. I think this is extremely beneficial for all teachers/educators."

"Information was useful and help to see education and teaching in a new light! EXCELLENT workshop!"

"Thank you very much for sharing with us this valuable information that will certainly help us to be better teachers and focus on the students we serve."

"Margaret, You were wonderful and sooooo thought provoking!"

"Thank you for your time and preparation. I am inspired to reflect and improve my craft to benefit my students!"

"This training was very beneficial and informative. As a new teacher it is giving me very powerful tools in education. I feel formative assessment is a great way to allow deeper learning for students. I love how it allows students to learn and not just covers curriculum superficially."

"Thank you so much for a productive and informative seminar. The application of real world examples and integration of your own personal experiences have helped to improve and expand my knowledge in the field of education."