We will be scheduling new Induction Coach trainings soon! Please check back here to find more information.

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Induction Coach FAQ

1.      Is there a cost to attend the Induction Coach training?

a.      No cost to the attendees.  All materials will be provided. Mileage to the event can be reimbursed from your district out of Title II funds.

2.      What is the time commitment?

a.      The Induction Coach must attend the initial training (16 hours), 3 2-hour online meetings for coaches, at least two classroom observations, and time to develop, monitor and complete the teacher’s ILP.

3.      Can principals apply to be a Induction Coach?

a.      Yes.

4.      Is there a stipend for working as a Induction Coach?

a.      Stipends for coaches are a matter between the coach and the school. This contract does not provide funding for the coaches.

5.      Can retired teachers apply to be a Induction Coach?

a.      Yes.

6.      Do you need to be a certified teacher to be a coach?

a.      No. We ask just to find out if one has a Clear Credential.

7.      May I attend just to improve my mentoring knowledge/skills without committing to supporting a teacher?

a. Yes. Our advisory committee asked that we provide such an opportunity.