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 Trauma Informed Instruction Workshop

Trauma resulting from overwhelming experiences has the power to disturb the development of a student’s academic and socio-emotional development. Research tells us that we can improve a child’s chances of overcoming traumatic experiences by emphasizing four key areas:

  1. Developing relationships

  2. Teaching self-regulation

  3. Cultivating success in both academic and non-academic areas

  4. Increasing emotional and physical well-being

Day One:

  • Teachers and administrators will understand the impact of trauma on learning and expand their knowledge of non-academic supports and responses.

Day Two:

  • Teachers and administrators will expand their knowledge of academic strategies for teaching traumatized children and understand ways to become a trauma-sensitive school.

There is NO COST to attendees! Please bring any food or beverages with you as none will be provided.

Daily Schedule: 8:45 AM to 3:30 PM

Locations and Dates:

Hayward: California Crosspoint Academy, 25500 Industrial Blvd, Hayward, CA

August 5 and 6 - grades PK through 6

August 7 and 8: grades 7 through 12

San Diego: San Diego Dioceses Pastoral Center, 3888 Paducah Drive, San Diego, CA

October 7 and 8 - grades PK through 6

October 9 and 10 - grades 7 through 12

Corona: Circle City Center, 365 North Main Street, Corona, CA

December 2 and 3 - grades PK through 6

December 4 and 5 - Grades 7 through 12

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