Online Learning Courses 


These are a collection of recorded workshops and webinars. These can be viewed and explored at your own pace and time.

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Formative Assessment

Learn from one of the absolute leaders in the field. Margaret Heritage held three face to face workshops and two webinars to walk you through how to more completely integrate formative assessments into your lesson plans. 

There is also a 30 minute overview video she recorded if you are new to formative assessments. This video also serves as an excellent overview of the whole course.

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Technology for Adminstrators

A series of on line webinars about how to get teachers on board the technology train. This series explores how technology can be used to support teacher growth and student learning outcomes while addressing school goals and objectives for technology integration. Any private school administrator will find this useful. 

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Concept Rich Math

Online lectures from Dr. Mark Ellis. Concept Development lessons are intended to assess and develop students’ understanding of fundamental mathematics.

  • Learn new mathematical content
  • Review and design instructional routines 
  • Put knowledge into practice (planning and rehearsing)
  • Understand fundamental math concepts and the building blocks of concept rich instruction.
  • Learn how to build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding.
  • Establish math goals that focus learning.

2 hours, 51 minutes of video of presentations by Dr. Mark Ellis and associated self-paced activities.

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