What I learned from the workshop:

"How to do less talking in my math instruction and allow my students to explore, talk, and develop reasoning strategies through their own conversations and use of games."

"I really found the additional resources and practical ideas to be exciting and expect to incorporate many of them in the classroom."

"I enjoy the learning experience, contact with the presenters, and other educators. I leave feeling equipped and empowered to become a better teacher."

"The hands-on training was great, and allowed me to make mistakes to understand what I need to do for my students."

"Having hands on experience with an activity; I feel very empowered to implement this!"

"I feel better prepared than I thought I might be for teaching stem. The materials for the take away activities were very helpful"

"I learned different ways to use rubrics on a daily basis."

"The training will help me analyze which assessments are being used on campus and how to evaluate student work within newly adopted assessment measures."  

"I loved that I was immersed in the reading and writing through engaging activities. It was fun and interactive, which I know my own students will enjoy, as well."

"The tone of the training was the most beneficial. Instead of commanding that teachers change their teaching strategies, he encouraged use to start teaching in a new way using incremental steps. It all seems much more attainable this way."

"Taking time away from the classroom to reflect and apply new ideas. It was very beneficial to share with other   colleagues.
The information on DI was incredible. This was the most effective PD that I've attended in quite some time. I was exposed to DI in a way that was practical and can surely be implemented into my classroom as early as tomorrow."